Resolve to exercise and eat healthy this JANUARY

January 01, 2018

Many of us are probably still stuffed from all of the holiday eating we did, but 2018 is officially in full swing, let’s start the New Year off right!

Holiday treats are usually full of added sugar and sodium that can be harmful to your health if you aren’t mindful of your consumption.

Here are some tips for eating healthy that can help reduce your risk of heart disease, stroke and lots of other things you’d rather avoid. The good news is, eating right doesn’t have to be hard or require you to give up things you love. It’s all about making smart choices to build an overall healthy dietary pattern.

We can help you make healthier choices:

At home 

At work

At the grocery store 

In restaurants


Mindful eating doesn’t mean dieting or restrictions. It’s about taking a moment to take it in. There are a lot of methods out there, but we’ve simplified it for you.

Ponder: Before you eat, ask yourself, “Am I really hungry?” Sometimes we think we’re hungry when we’re actually thirsty or bored or stressed. Check in, do you need nourishment in the form of food or do you need something else?

Appraise: When your food is in front of you, take a moment.  How does it look? How does it smell? Do you really want it? Is it more than you need?

Slow: Slow down, like waaay down. Put your fork down between bites. Really chew your food and taste it. Slowing down helps your brain catch up with your stomach.

Savor: Really enjoy your food. How does the texture feel in your mouth? What are all the complex flavors you can taste? Take a moment to savor the satisfaction of each bite.

Stop: Stop when you’re full. Sounds so obvious, right? But hey, cleaning your plate isn’t necessary. By noticing when you’re full and stopping, you may avoid unnecessary calories and indigestion.

Get moving this New Year and exercise within reach! The video below will show you the difference between moderate and vigorous intensity physical activity. It will also demonstrate what your target heart rate means and how to calculate it, plus how much recommended physical activity you should get.

Cold weather can make it easy to become a couch potato preventing us from getting outside and getting active. Check out these tips on How to Stay Active in Cold Weather.

Make exercise easy in cooler weather with these workout tips and tricks.


Do you know The price of inactivity?




Important Days in January

 1/1 New Year’s Day

 1/15 Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

 1/30 World Leprosy Day

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