Stoke Prevention FAST - ANR 5-14-15

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ANCHOR LEAD: Stroke is a leading cause of death and disability. According to the American Stroke Association, Hispanic men are projected to have the greatest stroke increases between now and 2030.

SCRIPT:  Stroke risk is increasing for Hispanics and others partly due to obesity and diabetes. Dr. José Biller says that recognizing stroke warning signs and calling 9-1-1 quickly can be the difference between life and death…

CUT:  (Biller) Stoke is a leading cause of death and it’s also a major cause for other complications. Most of the strokes are preventable and they are highly treatable, however, prompt restoration of blood flow requires that this type of intervention takes place in the early hours after stoke onset.

SCRIPT:  Anyone can have a stroke and everyone should be ready. Through Together to End Stroke, the American Stroke Association teaches the acronym FAST to remember the most common stroke signs. 

CUT:  (Biller) FAST stands for: Face Drooping, Arm weakness, Speech difficulty, and Time to call 911.

SCRIPT:  For more information visit That’s Newsbreak presented by the American Stroke Association.

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