American Heart Association Congratulates CDC for Successful “Tips from Former Smokers” Campaign

September 10, 2013 Categories: Advocacy News , Advisories & Comments

Washington, D.C., September 9, 2013 American Heart Association CEO Nancy Brown issued the following statement on a study published today in The Lancet highlighting the successful results of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC)2012 ‘Tips from Former Smokers’ education campaign:

“Today’s report indicates the immediate and hard-hitting impact of CDC’s ‘Tips from Former Smokers’ campaign and strongly confirms how effective these types of public education efforts are in changing the behavior of both smokers and non-smokers. In states across the county, millions of smokers took the extraordinary step to call the tobacco quit line and begin their important journey of kicking the habit forever. Nearly 4.5 million non-smokers who saw the ads recommended a tobacco quit line to a close friend or family member.

These very encouraging results give new hope to the goal of ridding our nation of ‘public health enemy number one’ once and for all. We must continue to take our strong anti-tobacco message straight to patients and consumers in order to fight back against the estimated $22 million per day that the tobacco industry spends on advertising. Because smoking sharply increases your risk of heart disease and stroke, the more than 100,000 Americans that quit smoking as a result of this campaign is a great victory. Results like these will have a far reaching impact on the health of our country.

Mass media campaigns, like the CDC’s ‘Tips from Former Smokers’ campaign, will to continue to play an important role in the fight against tobacco use in this country. We hope that the CDC will continue to use these powerful stories to encourage more current smokers to quit and help combat the tobacco industry’s efforts to cultivate a new generation of tobacco users."