Powerful New FDA Campaign Stirs Teens to Lead Smoke-free Lives, Says American Heart Association

February 05, 2014 Categories: Advocacy News

Washington, D.C., Feb. 4, 2014American Heart Association CEO Nancy Brown issued the following statement on a new national campaign to stop tobacco use among young Americans, announced by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA):

“This powerful new FDA campaign will surely make young Americans think twice before they light up a cigarette. By zeroing in on issues 12-17 year olds truly care about, such as their appearance and control, the agency will force young people to examine the ‘real cost’ of smoking before they end up on a path to  heart disease, stroke and an early death.

Youth tobacco use is a pervasive public health problem in our country, and one that requires urgent action. The American Heart Association is gratified that the FDA is playing such a vigorous role in the fight against this devastating epidemic.

We are optimistic that these hard-hitting anti-tobacco messages will have a far-reaching impact on our nation’s young people – and will help a new generation be tobacco-free.”


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