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December 20, 2017
 John J. Warner M.D.


Dr. John Warner, President of the American Heart Association, Vice President and CEO of UT Southwestern University Hospitals, and Professor of Internal Medicine in Cardiology, suffered a heart attack on November 13th during the American Heart Association’s annual Scientific Sessions in Anaheim, California.  Below is information and multimedia assets for media use in sharing his story and helping educate Americans about how to lower their risks for heart disease. November 13 News Release

Downloadable Photos: Dr. Warner, various family/work photos.

Downloadable HD Video Album: (various b-roll and soundbites):​

  • Warner at Opening Session talking about his family tree and CVD (15 secs) Transcript: "After my son was born and we were introducing him to his extended family, I realized something very disturbing: There were no old men on either side of my family. None. All the branches of our family tree cut short by cardiovascular disease.”    copyright American Heart Association
  • Warner at Opening Session talking about family and CVD (44 secs) Transcript: “Earlier in my talk, I told you there were no old men in my family. I know this is also true in far too many other families, not just in the U.S., but around the world. I believe the people in this room have the power – and even the duty – to change that. Together, we can make sure old men and old women are regulars at family reunions. … In other words, I look forward to a future where people have the exact opposite experience of my family, that children grow up surrounded by so many healthy, beloved, elderly relatives that they couldn’t imagine life any other way.”  copyright American Heart Association
  • Full Opening Address at Scientific Sessions 2017, November 12, 2017, Anaheim, California (TBA)

Additional American Heart Association Resources:

  • Cardiac arrest is the abrupt loss of heart function in a person who may or may not have diagnosed heart disease. The time and mode of death are unexpected. It occurs instantly or shortly after symptoms appear.
  • Each year, more than 350,000 emergency medical services-assessed out-of-hospital cardiac arrests occur in the United States. 
  • While a heart attack may cause cardiac arrest and sudden death, the terms don't mean the same thing. Heart attacks are caused by a blockage that stops blood flow to the heart. A heart attack (or myocardial infarction) refers to death of heart muscle tissue due to the loss of blood supply, not necessarily resulting in the death of the heart attack victim.

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Cardiac Arrest vs. Heart Attack

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Media Contact for John J. Warner, M.D. 

Russell Rian; Director of Public Relations; UT Southwestern Medical Center

Phone: 214-648-3404; Russell.Rian@UTSouthwestern.edu