Have you heard of Heart Walk?

Heart Walk is more than just a walk! Every year, more than a million people across the United States join the American Heart Association Heart Walks to take a stand against heart disease and stroke.

The Heart Walk is the American Heart Association’s biggest event for raising funds to save lives from heart disease and stroke. Healthy For Good comes to life each year in 300 American cities when it is celebrated at the Healthy For Good Heart Walk. 

We know that staying active is one of the best ways to keep our bodies healthy. But did you know it can also improve your overall well-being and quality of life? 

Research has shown that walking at a lively pace at least 150 minutes a week can help you:
  • Think better, feel better and sleep better.
  • Reduce your risk of serious diseases like heart disease, stroke, diabetes and several types of cancer.
  • Improve your blood pressure, blood sugar and blood cholesterol levels.
  • Increase your energy and stamina.
  • Improve your mental and emotional well-being and reduce risk of depression.
  • Improve memory and reduce your risk of dementia.
  • Boost bone strength and reduce your risk of osteoporosis.
  • Prevent weight gain.

Did you know?

  • Only about 22% of American adults meet the federal physical activity recommendations for aerobic and strengthening activity.
  • About one in three adults participates in NO leisure time physical activity at all.
We challenge you to create lasting change in your health and your life, one small step at a time.

Do you know the American Heart Association's recommendations for physical activity in adults

Do you know the American Heart Association's recommendations for physical activity in kids?

Important Dates in August 

 8/1 – First day of Heart Walk and Physical Activity Month

 8/1 – National Minority Donor Awareness Day

 8/1- 8/31 National Immunization Awareness Month

 8/4 – Coast Guard Day

 8/4-8/10 National Health Center Week

 8/231- 9/4 European Society of Cardiology 2019