Holiday Healthy Eating Guide

These easy tips and recipes will help you stay healthy and mindful as you celebrate the holidays with friends and family. You can eat well and be well this holiday season, with these tasty treats, party tricks and simple strategies.

Take a look at these top 7 excuses to overindulge, and how to take control.

Slash unwanted calories with easy swaps and substitutions.

Learn where excess calories, sodium, saturated fat and added sugars are hiding in traditional holiday foods and beverages, and some easy swaps to avoid them. Our guide will show you how.

8 Ways to Hack Your Holiday Recipes | Healthy Slow Cooker Cookbook

The American Heart Association’s Healthy for Good Eat Smart Initiative offers five tips for nourishing yourself this holiday season:

  1. Get creative with swaps: Cooking at home is a great way to take control of your diet and tweak favorite seasonal dishes. Reduce sodium by replacing salt with herbs and spices, adding more fruits and vegetables to dishes and using lower-sodium canned and frozen products. Combine lower-sodium foods with regular versions to help your taste adapt.  
  2. Snack smart: To avoid overindulging at holiday gatherings, prep with nutrient-rich, Good Mood Foods that don’t sacrifice taste. Check out this no-added-sugars recipe for Cinnamon Sweet Tortilla Chips with Fruit Salsa created by the American Heart Association and Healthy for Good supporter, SweetLeaf. Perfect for a pre-party snack that will keep you feeling full and less tempted by those unhealthy choices.  
  3. Take your time: Don’t rush through meals. Enjoy mealtime with family and friends by pausing between bites and savoring your food.
  4. Use time-saving technology: Many grocers make it easy to shop deals and save time with online ordering and pick-up and delivery options. Plus, it’s easier to resist that candy bar in the checkout line if you aren’t in a staring contest with it.
  5. Practice gratitude:  It can help lower blood pressure, improve your immune system and spur you to eat better and exercise more. Write down five things you’re grateful for and share them with your family and friends. Gratitude is the gift that keeps on giving. 

Don’t let the temperature keep you from continuing your fitness routine indoors or out. Check out our tips on working out this winter and how to stay active in the cold.

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How can you help your family be more physically active and get enough exercise to stay healthy? 

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Focus on mental health. 

Research shows ‘tis also the season of weight gain, added stress, and a spike in cardiovascular events like sudden cardiac arrest, heart attack and stroke. Five mental health professionals recorded this 45-day holiday audio guide to lower stress levels and keep your heart on the mind. Check it out! 

Plus, we have some helpful tips on setting your New Year’s resolutions goals.

The holidays are often thought of as a season for giving, and the gift of a donation can go incredibly far.

The first step in saving lives from heart disease and stroke is your help funding innovative research, lifesaving CPR training, education and prevention services.  Donate now and learn more about how you can help and join the fight.

Important Dates in December

                                                                                        12/2 Special Education Day

                                                                                        12/3 International Day of Persons with Disabilities

                                                                                        12/10 Human Rights Day

                                                                                        12/21 First Day of Winter

                                                                                        12/22 Hanukkah begins at sundown

                                                                                        12/24 Christmas Eve

                                                                                        12/25 Christmas Day

                                                                                        12/26 Kwanzaa begins

                                                                                        12/31 New Year’s Eve

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