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CPR and AED Awareness Week is June 1-7

Only about 48 percent of people who experience an out-of-hospital cardiac arrest receive the immediate help that they need before professional help arrives. [1]

CPR, especially if performed immediately, could double or triple a cardiac arrest victim’s chance of survival. [2]

To learn how you can help in a cardiac arrest emergency,

Watch the Hands-Only CPR instructional video and share it with the important people in your life.

(Closed captioning available on the "Watch on YouTube" option)

For additional videos and CPR training/kiosk locations visit


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Check In & Check Up for Your Health with Sybil Wilkes

Sybil Wilkes will bring together influential leaders and the Black community to address the health disparities Black people face.
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June 16th will focus on Men’s Health during Men's Health Week June 14-21.
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June 23rd will focus on heart health and mental well-being in the LGBTQ+ community during Pride Month.

All shows can be viewed on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/ItsSybil and on YouTube @sybilwilkes

Healthy Summer tips for the whole family

snacking on fruits and veggies

Help your children develop healthy eating habits early in life that will bring lifelong benefits.

  • When you cook at home you have more control over ingredients and portion sizes, so aim to cook at home more often than eating out. Get great recipes and tips at heart.org/recipes.
  • Make it fun for kids to try new fruits and vegetables. Let them pick out a new fruit or vegetable in the grocery store each week and figure out together how to cook or prepare it in a healthy way.

  • For snack time, keep fresh fruit and pre-chopped or no-chop veggies on hand. Your family is more likely to grab fruits and vegetables over other items if they’re readily available.

  • Cook vegetables in healthy ways that will help bring out their natural flavors, including roasting, grilling, steaming and baking.

Tips for the whole family to promote healthy eating

Backyard soccer

Be a role model for an active lifestyle. Start moving more yourself and find ways to be active together as a family.

  • Physical activity should be fun for children and adolescents. Encourage kids to keep trying activities to discover the ones they like and will stick with. Don’t use physical activity as a punishment.

  • Reduce or limit sedentary screen time, including watching television, playing video games and using a digital device. Don’t use the TV or a device as a babysitter.

  • Provide kids with opportunities to be active. Give them active toys and games, like bikes, skateboards, roller skates, scooters, jump ropes, balls and sports equipment.

  • Get familiar with community facilities near you, like pools, recreation centers, bike paths and parks.

Tips for staying active this summer as a family

More June Calendar Highlights

Fruit and Vegetable Market

National Fresh Fruit/Vegetables Month

Eat More Color

Brain illustration

Alzheimer’s & Brain Awareness Month

Sleep your way to a smarter brain

Woman drinking water on park bench

National Safety Month/Hydration Day

Protect your heart in the heat

6/1-6/7 - CPR and AED Awareness Week

6/6 - National Cancer Survivors Day

6/14 - Flag Day | World Blood Donor Day | National Call your Doctor Day

6/14-6/21 - Men's Health Week (6/16 - Check In and Check Up for Your Health with Sybil Wilkes will focus on Men's Health)

6/17 - National Eat Your Vegetables Day

6/19 - Father's Day | Juneteenth | World Sickle Cell Day

6/21 - Summer Solstice

6/23 - National Hydration Day | Check In and Check Up for Your Health with Sybil Wilkes will focus on heart health and mental well-being in the LGBTQ+ community