November 01, 2016


Happy Thanksgiving!
Happy Thanksgiving!Heart healthy tips for the holidayscopyright American Heart Association

 Holiday Healthy Living

The holidays are right around the corner! Thanksgiving, you're up first. How will you stay heart-healthy this holiday season?

National Eating Healthy Day

National Eating Healthy Day 2016

On National Eating Healthy Day, and all year long, Americans are encouraged to commit to healthier eating. This year, AHA's new initiative +color is taking center stage. Try adding a cup of colorful fruits and vegetables to your plate each meal. Eating healthy has never been easier!

Try these tips to help you get started:

  • Eat with the seasons. Seasonal fruits and veggies can make adding color more interesting. And new produce comes with each changing season!
  • Cooking fruits and veggies in healthy ways brings out their natural flavors. That means you won't need to overdo it on the salt or sauces.
  • Eat 4-5 servings of color each day. That's a cup of fresh, frozen, or canned produce!
  • Look for ways to save by adding a little at a time. You don't have to break the bank!
  • Axe the added salt and sugar. Canned, frozen, and dried produce are just as nutritious, just keep an eye out for added sodium and sugar.
  • Eat healthier one plate at a time by adding a little color to every meal and snack of the day.
  • Try going meatless every now and then. Salad isn't the only way to be a herbivore for the day!


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Research is why...

With cardiovascular disease and stroke being the No. 1 and No. 5 killers of all Americans, the American Heart Association believes that researching these is the best way to learn how to improve cardiovascular health and reduce death and disability.

       The AHA has spent more than $3.8 billion on research since 1949, all with the goal to increase our understanding of  cardiovascular diseases and stroke. In fact, over a quarter of each publicly donated dollar is channeled into research. We currently fund more than 2,000 scientists all around the United States with a diverse variety of projects ranging from mapping the human genome to evaluating exercise trends.

Additionally, 13 Nobel Prize winners had our funding. Last year, the American Heart Association awarded over $149 million in research grants. Major medical breakthroughs funded by the AHA include the first artificial heart valve, implantable pacemakers, and CPR techniques/standards.

Additionally, we publish 12 academic journals that help educate medical professionals through the latest peer-reviewed research and scientific developments. Our mission is to build healthier lives, free of cardiovascular disease and stroke. One of the best ways to fulfill this is to conduct research. Therefore, funding research for heart disease and stroke is a top priority for the American Heart Association.

Visit these resources for more information on research:

Important Days in November

11/2 - National Healthy Eating Day

11/6 - Daylight Savings Time ends - Turn your clock BACK one hour.

11/8 - Election Day

11/11 - Veteran's Day

11/12-11/16 - AHA's Scientific Sessions in New Orleans, LA

11/14 - World Diabetes Day - AHA Diabetes Information

11/24 - Thanksgiving Day - Heart Heathy Thansgiving Tips from AHA's Go Red For Women