Here are 5 lifestyle tips for a healthy fall:

1. Unplug to connect: November is a great reminder to eat regular meals at home with family. Family meals reduce stress, boost self-esteem and make the whole family feel connected. To help families have more fun at mealtime, the American Heart Association has conversation topics that are great for all ages.

2. Savor seasonal flavors: Fall brings new seasonal produce and recipe inspiration for family meals. Sign up to receive a free cookbook with heart-healthy, delicious recipes from the American Heart Association and Kroger Health, a national sponsor of the American Heart Association’s Healthy for GoodTM initiative.

3. Spend time outside: Take advantage of cooler temperatures by spending time outdoors for better physical and mental well-being. Spending time outdoors has been shown to reduce stress and improve mood. If you have a pet, get moving together! It’s a win-win for the health of you and your pet.

4. Shop smart: Grocery shopping can be overwhelming, no matter the season. To find foods that can be part of a heart-healthy eating pattern, keep an eye out for the American Heart Association’s Heart-Check mark.

5. Give thanks: Chronic, or constant, stress can have a negative impact on health, so it’s important to build in habits to reduce stress. One great place to start is by practicing gratitude. Write down three things you’re grateful for each day, or reach out to a friend or family member and tell them how much you appreciate them.

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The urgency to disseminate the latest cardiovascular and stroke science to colleagues around the world has never been greater.

The American Heart Association’s Scientific Sessions 2021 will be a global experience with compelling science presented at the Virtual Experience, Sat. through Mon., Nov. 13-15, 2021.

Rigorous, dependable RESEARCH has always been at the heart of our efforts.

The American Heart Association has built one of the largest and most trusted research programs in the nation, funding more than $4.5 billion in heart disease and stroke research over the years. Learn more about AHA research.

Check out these historic moments and research funded by the American Heart Association from 1940 until now.

World Diabetes Day is November 14th.

Do you have risk factors for diabetes? Does your family have a history of the condition? Or do you have prediabetes? Then check out these healthy living tips — they may prevent diabetes and/or cardiovascular disease.

Lifestyle changes such as losing weight, eating healthy and engaging in regular, moderate physical activity may reduce the progression of Type 2 diabetes and control Type 1 diabetes. They can also minimize other risk factors such as high blood pressure, blood cholesterol and even heart attacks and strokes.

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Important Dates in November

11/7 Daylight Savings Time ends - turn your clock back one hour
11/11 Veteran's Day
11/14 World Diabetes Day (resources)
11/25 Thanksgiving Day
11/25 National Family Health History Day