PORTLAND, Oregon, July 17, 2023 — With grocery costs skyrocketing, you may feel like heart-healthy eating is off the table. But here's the good news: the American Heart Association, the leading nonprofit organization focused on heart and brain health, has a secret to share. A healthy diet is not only crucial in preventing heart disease and stroke but can also be affordable and attainable for all.

“Shopping on a budget means knowing what to buy and when,” said Chelsea Warren, Providence Health Plan health coach manager and American Heart Association volunteer expert. “With a little advance planning, it is possible to purchase heart healthy items and maintain a budget.”

According to the American Heart Association’s 2021 Scientific Statement, a heart healthy eating pattern includes eating a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, selecting whole grains products, opting for lean and/or high-fiber proteins, using non-tropical plant oils and limiting sugary beverages, salt and alcohol.  

“A healthy diet is all about balance,” said Warren. “Think about the calories you are taking in and what you are burning through exercise. It’s ok to treat yourself or enjoy a treasured family recipe from time to time, but make sure when you do that, you are focusing on what else you are eating throughout the day. Strike a balance.”

“The bounty of summer is a fantastic opportunity to stock up on in-season produce and freeze or can for year-round use.” In addition, Warren offers five more tips:

  • Plan your meals each week. Keep recipes, grocery lists and coupons in one place to make planning easier.
  • Make a shopping list. Inventory what you already own to avoid double purchasing something that is in your pantry. Use your meal plan to find out the ingredients you need for your weekly recipes and avoid impulse purchases at the store.
  • Search for savings. Utilize loyalty programs at your local store. Clip coupons or use coupon apps for added savings. Take advantage of any in-store discounts or sales.
  • Compare prices at the store. Look for store brand products and compare prices. Sometimes you may have a coupon for an item, but it’s not always the best deal. It’s also important to read the nutritional label on each item and select lower sodium and lower sugar options.
  • Shop smart. Buying in bulk and purchasing products that are in-season are easy ways to save. “It’s also important to note that fresh isn’t always best. Frozen products are flash-frozen right when they are harvested in the peak of season. They are often budget friendly and just as delicious,” said Warren.

To learn more about making lasting changes to improve your heart health, visit heart.org/healthyliving.

Providence Health Plan is a proud local sponsor of the American Heart Association’s Healthy for Good movement.

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