Enhanced practices leading to improved blood pressure care in Rio Grande Valley

BROWNSVILLE, Texas, June 2, 2023 – In Cameron County, 34% of the population has been diagnosed with hypertension, ten percentage points higher than the national average. With the help of the American Heart Association and in coordination with Medical Associates of Brownsville (MAOB), residents in the Rio Grande Valley have the opportunity to lead longer, healthier lives thanks to a new evidence-based practice to improve blood pressure care.

“MAOB has worked hard and is dedicated to hypertension control in Cameron County,” said Community Impact Director Melissa De La Garza. “The clinic’s passion for hypertension control starts at the top with Dr. Guevara and his ‘whatever it takes’ attitude. MAOB submitted their first round of Target:BP data this May and, although the results will not be finalized until September, they are in the “Gold+” eligible category.”

In October 2022, the Association and UT Health RGV began working with MAOB to adopt a standardized high blood pressure treatment protocol for all patients, utilizing Target:BP and Self-Measured Blood Pressure (SMBP) practices.

The Association and UT Health provided technical assistance and training to strengthen blood pressure measurement knowledge for all staff who measure blood pressure in the clinic utilizing evidence-based practices. Every 6-12 months, staff will be tested and retrained on the tactics using the Technique Quick Check Tool or similar objective skill demonstration to ensure the best continued care for patients.

Additionally, a standardized blood pressure treatment protocol was implemented for all patients that includes tracking readings and providing educational materials, available in both English and Spanish.

MAOB was founded by Dr. Jorge Guevara in 2004 to enhance the lives and preserve the health of the Rio Grande Valley through access to a comprehensive, fully integrated network of the highest quality and most affordable care delivered by certified professionals.

This initiative lays the groundwork for limitless opportunities for continued collaboration, ensuring optimal health for all.


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