HOUSTON, June 28, 2023 - The American Heart Association, Community Impact team, in collaboration with the National Hypertension Control Initiative staff, is partnering with Legacy Community Health to address care gaps, improve patient outcomes and support quality care coordination.

Legacy Community Health implemented the Self-Monitoring Blood Pressure (SMBP) initiative in November, with a focus on actively involving patients in managing their blood pressure. The SMBP program enables physicians and clinical staff at Legacy Community Health Clinics to enhance hypertension diagnosis, implement streamlined care processes and workflows and empower patients to play an active role in their health journey.

Through this collaborative effort, Legacy Community Health provides ongoing education and training on proper blood pressure measurement techniques for their staff. Annual participation in the AHA/AMA joint Target:BP courses ensures that skills and techniques are restored, promoting evidence-based practices, and maintaining a standard system of training for clinical staff since October.

The results of this effort have been remarkable as Legacy Community Health has significantly improved hypertension control rates across its system. Control rates have surged from 56.2% to an impressive current rating of 71.9%. Legacy Community Health locations that have implemented policy changes and embraced self-measuring blood pressure have successfully driven evidence-based blood pressure practices.

The American Heart Association and National Hypertension Control Initiative proudly collaborate with Legacy Community Health to address disparities, enhance patient care, and drive evidence-based practices through the SMBP program. This partnership reflects a shared commitment to improving cardiovascular health and achieving better outcomes for patients.


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