MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Texas, March 10, 2023 - The American Heart Association, the leading voluntary global health organization in ensuring longer, healthier lives for all, is helping the Lone Star Family Health Center (LSFHC) to better address health disparities through an initiative to address hypertension with self-monitored blood pressure in underresourced populations. LSFHC is a leading full-service healthcare provider to underserved populations, serving a 21-zip code area throughout Montgomery County. 

Hypertension, commonly referred to as high blood pressure, affects millions of people and despite its treatability remains notoriously named the “silent killer”. In Montgomery County, hypertension is a significant health concern with 33.1% of its residents facing a diagnosis in the future. Furthermore, it is widely acknowledged in the medical community that those living in lower socioeconomic conditions are prone to an increased risk of becoming hypertensive.

To combat this issue, the American Heart Association in collaboration with Quest Diagnostics, funded a Health Equity Grant to address gaps in and support quality of care and improve patient conditions. This grant provides training and educational resources, along with Self-Monitoring Blood Pressure programmatic materials to provide clinical staff with the knowledge to improve the diagnosis of hypertension, inevitably impacting the life of 20,000+ patients.

The American Heart Association along with Quest Diagnostics and Lone Star Family Health is committed to improving the health and wellbeing of the Montgomery County community, and the implementation of the self-monitored blood pressure initiative is just one example of their dedication to achieving this goal.


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