HAMPTON ROADS, VA, August 25, 2023 — The American Heart Association, a global force for healthier lives for all, alongside Sentara Health commits to equitable health for all by eliminating uncontrolled high blood pressure and reducing risks of heart disease and stroke in families.

Heart disease and stroke remain the no. 1 and no. 5 killers, but the American Heart Association is working to make sure families and communities are equipped with the resources necessary to live healthier lives. Thanks to the funding from Sentara Health, markets including Hampton Roads, Richmond and Charlottesville, will be providing resources to improve blood pressure diagnosis, equipment for patients to monitor their blood pressure at home, tools to keep cholesterol, blood pressure, and diabetes in check and education awareness around the F.A.S.T. acronym to teach the symptoms and signs of having a stroke.

The grant funding of $300,000 is also a commitment to be part of the American Heart Association’s Second Century. As the association prepares to celebrate its 100-year anniversary in June 2024, companies and organizations are rallying together with relentless resolve for the future of lifesaving work and equitable health for all people.

“There are so many health disparities and so many individuals that don’t have access to adequate health services. Sentara’s contribution to the American Heart Association in Hampton Roads is really going to be instrumental in ensuring that we are able continue our blood pressure opportunities in the community along with focusing on reducing risks related to heart disease and stroke in families,” shared Briana Ricks, Community Impact Director. “We are deeply grateful to those who have already boldly stepped forward to generously support our work and continue to make the health of Hampton Roads a priority”.

The American Heart Association has saved and improved lives for nearly 100 years through scientific research, work in communities, advocacy for healthy public policies and much more.

"Sentara is grateful to have a long history of partnering with the American Heart Association in support of the Live Fierce, Reduce Your Risk program," said Sentara's Interim Acute Care President Terrie Edwards. "Sentara realizes and wants to invest in the health of our community through prevention and education. This contribution reflects our focus on improving the health of the most vulnerable in our communities.”

To learn more about the local initiatives of the American Heart Association Virginia, visit heart.org/hamptonroads and follow @AmericanHeartVA on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. To make a donation to the American Heart Association visit heart.org/donate.


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