AHA/ASA ISC 2020 General Conv. Ctr. b-roll
AHA/ASA ISC 2020 Opening Session-Science Tech Hall B-roll
American Heart Assn Shingles Vaccine and Stroke
Broderick ISC20 85 - 136 lowering risk
Broderick ISC20 85 - 136 message from studies
Broderick ISC20 85 - 136 perspective
Broderick ISC20 85 -136 body-brain health
Broderick ISC20 85 -136 limitations
Elkind ISC20 on LB 18 treatment strategy
Elkind ISC20 on LB 20 tranexamic Acid
Elkind ISC20 on LB 5 U.S. implications
Elkind ISC20 perspective on LB 1
Elkind ISC20 perspective on LB 18
Elkind ISC20 perspective on LB 19
Elkind ISC20 perspective on LB 2
Elkind ISC20 perspective on LB 20
Elkind ISC20 perspective on LB 21
Elkind ISC20 perspective on LB 22
Elkind ISC20 perspective on LB 23
Elkind ISC20 perspective on LB 3
Elkind ISC20 perspective on LB 4
Elkind ISC20 perspective on LB 5
Furie ISC20 WMP117 additional insight
Furie ISC20 WMP117 early brain health
Furie ISC20 WMP117 migraine with aura
Furie ISC20 WMP117 modifying risk
Furie ISC20 WMP117 next steps
Furie ISC20 WMP117 perspective
Furie ISC20 WMP117 risk management
Goldstein ISC20 154 diabetes-stroke risk options
Goldstein ISC20 154 perspective
Goldstein ISC20 154 stroke incidence-risk
Goldstein ISC20 154 window to brain
Golfing regularly could be a hole-in-one for older adults' health - video
Gum disease, inflammation, hardened arteries may be linked to stroke risk - video
Lackland ISC20 TP172 Be Active
Lackland ISC20 TP172 Golf as activity
Lackland ISC20 TP172 Golf upsides
Lackland ISC20 TP172 longer activity
Lackland ISC20 TP172 risk factor control
Lyden ISC20 11 -114 how SPG works
Lyden ISC20 11 -114 nerve stimulation
Lyden ISC20 11 -114 perspective
Lyden ISC20 11 -114 SPG technology
Lyden ISC20 11 -114 sub-analyses results
Lyden ISC20 11 -114 Time is Brain
McCullough ISC20 WP482 cognitive decline
McCullough ISC20 WP482 early behavior patterns
McCullough ISC20 WP482 modifiable risk factors
McCullough ISC20 WP482 perspective
Panagos ISC20 57 bedside MRI images
Panagos ISC20 57 bedside MRI next steps
Panagos ISC20 57 MRI magnet differences
Panagos ISC20 57 MRI-bedside MRI differences
Panagos ISC20 57 perspective
Panagos ISC20 57 point of care
Panagos ISC20 57 stroke patient benefits
Perez-Pinzon ISC 20 CED Talks
Perez-Pinzon ISC 20 exciting time for research
Perez-Pinzon ISC 20 Fri. Main Event
Perez-Pinzon ISC 20 Science and Technology
Perez-Pinzon ISC 20 Thurs. Main Event
Perez-Pinzon ISC 20 tPA 25th anniv.
Perez-Pinzon ISC 20 Wed. Main Event
Perez-Pinzon ISC 20 Women and Stroke Session
Robertson ISC20 WMP111 helping patients quit
Robertson ISC20 WMP111 important gap
Robertson ISC20 WMP111 nicotine addiction
Robertson ISC20 WMP111 patient message
Robertson ISC20 WMP111 public health
Robertson ISC20 WMP111 the Why's
Sacco ISC20 TP493 clinician message
Sacco ISC20 TP493 inflammation
Sacco ISC20 TP493 newer vs older vaccine
Sacco ISC20 TP493 perspective
Sacco ISC20 TP493 shingles vaccine
Sacco ISC20 WP466 overall message
Sacco ISC20 WP466 patient optimism
Sacco ISC20 WP466 perspective
Shingles vaccine may also reduce stroke risk- video
Smoking rates falling in adults, but stroke survivors' smoking rates remain steady - video
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