Dr. Albert LBS9 MyRoad
Dr. Albert-LBS1-VITAL-Rhythm
Dr. Albert-SS20 MP383-healthy immigrant effect
Dr. Albert-SS20 MP383-interesting study focus
Dr. Albert-SS20 MP383-maternal stress
Dr. Albert-SS20 MP383-preeclampsia
Dr. Albert-SS20 MP383-public health crisis
Dr. Albert-SS20 MP383-young women-CVD-pregnancy
Dr. Allen LBS9 EPIC-HF
Dr. Amarenco LBS7 THALES
Dr. Arnett-SS20 P929-clinician message
Dr. Arnett-SS20 P929-healthy diet and meds
Dr. Arnett-SS20 P929-lowering risk factors
Dr. Arnett-SS20 P929-nspiring results
Dr. Arnett-SS20 P929-perspective
Dr. Bergstrom LBS2 SCAPIS
Dr. Bhatnagar-SS20 P388-addressing gaps
Dr. Bhatnagar-SS20 P388-key messages
Dr. Bhatnagar-SS20 P388-next steps
Dr. Bhatnagar-SS20 P388-refillable devices
Dr. Bhatnagar-SS20 P388-vaping and COVID 19
Dr. Bhatnagar-SS20 P388-vaping health issues
Dr. Bhatnagar-SS20 P388-vaping in young
Dr. Caceres-SS20 P2274-contributing factors to results
Dr. Caceres-SS20 P2274-perspective
Dr. Caceres-SS20 P2274-research gaps
Dr. Caceres-SS20 P2274-takeaway message
Dr. Carnethon-SS20 239-access to healthy foods
Dr. Carnethon-SS20 239-food insecurity
Dr. Carnethon-SS20 239-food insecurity today
Dr. Carnethon-SS20 239-impact on CVD risk
Dr. Carnethon-SS20 239-social history importance
Dr. Carnethon-SS20 239-understanding study design
Dr. de Lemos LBS 8 COVID-19 studies
Dr. Elkind -SS20 - BP meds and COVID
Dr. Elkind -SS20 - COVID and AFib study findings
Dr. Elkind -SS20 - COVID-impact on CVD
Dr. Elkind-SS20 MP269-Disparities in BP treatment
Dr. Elkind-SS20 MP269-Don't stop BP meds
Dr. Elkind-SS20 MP269-Prescribing practices
Dr. Ellenbogen-SS20 P687-AFib defined
Dr. Ellenbogen-SS20 P687-AFib-heart-stroke
Dr. Ellenbogen-SS20 P687-fitness and AFib
Dr. Ellenbogen-SS20 P687-message universal
Dr. Ellenbogen-SS20 P687-study importance
Dr. Filippatos LBS7 FIDELIO
Dr. Franklin-SS20 P2365-P664-barriers to cardiac rehab
Dr. Franklin-SS20 P2365-P664-cardiac rehab defined
Dr. Franklin-SS20 P2365-P664-cardiac rehab under-utilized
Dr. Franklin-SS20 P2365-P664-COVID and cardiac rehab
Dr. Franklin-SS20 P2365-P664-tele-rehab studies overview
Dr. Franklin-SS20 P2365-P664-Telemedicine benefits
Dr. Franklin-SS20 P2365-P664-Telemedicine gaps
Dr. Hong LBS5 Short-DAPT
Dr. Howard LBS4 SAMSON
Dr. Joynt Maddox-SS20 209-access to care
Dr. Joynt Maddox-SS20 209-highest risk patients
Dr. Joynt Maddox-SS20 209-message to women
Dr. Joynt Maddox-SS20 209-perspective
Dr. Joynt Maddox-SS20 209-racial disparities
Dr. Kalstad LBS 4 OMENI
Dr. Kaufman-SS20 P224-environment and CVD
Dr. Kaufman-SS20 P224-greenspace benefits
Dr. Kaufman-SS20 P224-health disparities
Dr. Kaufman-SS20 P224-next steps
Dr. Kaufman-SS20 P224-overview-limitation
Dr. Kris-Etherton-SS20 P1036-chili pepper benefits
Dr. Kris-Etherton-SS20 P1036-chili pepper flavor
Dr. Kris-Etherton-SS20 P1036-none vs. some peppers
Dr. Kris-Etherton-SS20 P1036-remarkable findings
Dr. Kris-Etherton-SS20 P1036-risk reduction
Dr. Mehran-SS20 314-prospective studies needed
Dr. Mehran-SS20 314-PTSD and CVD
Dr. Mehran-SS20 314-study importance
Dr. Mehran-SS20 314-study size-PTSD impact
Dr. Mehran-SS20 314-young women-PTSD-CVD
Dr. Page-SS20 P1916-P380-cannabis risks
Dr. Page-SS20 P1916-P380-cannabis side effects
Dr. Page-SS20 P1916-P380-cannabis-CVD-stroke
Dr. Page-SS20 P1916-P380-tell doctor about cannabis use
Dr. Piña-SS20 316 in Spanish-aging is not a disease
Dr. Piña-SS20 316 in Spanish-behaviorial interventions
Dr. Piña-SS20 316 in Spanish-being active and COVID
Dr. Piña-SS20 316 in Spanish-no excuse for not moving
Dr. Piña-SS20 316-aging is not a disease
Dr. Piña-SS20 316-being active and COVID
Dr. Piña-SS20 316-no excuse for not moving
Dr. Piña-SS20-316- behavioral interventions
Dr. Ponikowski-LBS1-AFFIRM-AHF
Dr. Robertson-SS20 P1917-cardiac markers
Dr. Robertson-SS20 P1917-childhood smoke exposure
Dr. Robertson-SS20 P1917-parent message
Dr. Robertson-SS20 P1917-perspective-overview
Dr. Robertson-SS20 P1917-U.S. relevancy
Dr. Scirica LBS9 Digital Care
Dr. Silvain LBS3 Alpheus
Dr. Teerlink-LBS 1-GALACTIC-HF
Dr. Udelson-SS20 P1732-ECHO findings
Dr. Udelson-SS20 P1732-HCM defined
Dr. Udelson-SS20 P1732-HCM treatments
Dr. Udelson-SS20 P1732-Mavacampten
Dr. Udelson-SS20 P1732-safety follow-up
Dr. Vardeny LBS 8 INVESTED
Dr. Vardeny-SS20 P223-flu and CVD risk
Dr. Vardeny-SS20 P223-flu strains and vaccines
Dr. Vardeny-SS20 P223-flu vaccine access
Dr. Vardeny-SS20 P223-flu vaccine benefits
Dr. Vardeny-SS20 P223-perspective
Dr. Vardeny-SS20 P223-young adults and flu
Dr. Wood-SS20 P805-Calories in-out
Dr. Wood-SS20 P805-Consumer message
Dr. Wood-SS20 P805-Does when you eat matter
Dr. Wood-SS20 P805-Maintaining Energy Balance
Dr. Wood-SS20 P805-Restricted Feeding Schedule
Dr. Yusuf LBS2 Polypill studies
Dr.Berwanger LBS3 RIVER
Flu vaccine rate less than 25 in young adults with heart disease despite increased risk
Marijuana use associated with complications after heart attack or procedures
More green spaces help boost air quality reduce heart disease deaths
People who eat chili pepper may live longer
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