Dr. Albert-SS21 P720 Multi-prong next steps
Dr. Albert-SS21 P720 patient care and SDOH
Dr. Albert-SS21 P720 social determinants
Dr. Albert-SS21 P720 study perspective
Dr. Arnett-SS21 V154 healthy eating tips
Dr. Arnett-SS21 V154 patients and SDOH
Dr. Arnett-SS21 V154 perspective
Dr. Arnett-SS21 V154 young women and diet
Dr. Gopinathannair-SS21 P1221/3046 AFib and risks defined
Dr. Gopinathannair-SS21 P1221/3046 alcohol and cardiac issues
Dr. Gopinathannair-SS21 P1221/3046 doing harm
Dr. Gopinathannair-SS21 P1221/3046 drugs and alcohol heart impact
Dr. Gopinathannair-SS21 P1221/3046 prescribed opioids and study findings
Dr. Gopinathannair-SS21 P1221/3046 results perspective
Dr. Kaufman-SS21 P2315/3096 lower pollution benefits
Dr. Kaufman-SS21 P2315/3096 perspective
Dr. Kaufman-SS21 P2315/3096 pollution and MI triggers
Dr. Kaufman-SS21 P2315/3096 pollution risks
Dr. Kaufman-SS21 P2315/3096 silver lining of findings
Dr. Lichtenstein-SS21 RF160 choosing fat sources
Dr. Lichtenstein-SS21 RF160 dietary fats study perspective
Dr. Lichtenstein-SS21 RF160 healthy fat sources
Dr. Lichtenstein-SS21 VMP249 heart healthy diet defined
Dr. Lichtenstein-SS21 VMP249 long-term success
Dr. Lichtenstein-SS21 VMP249 diet flexibilty
Dr. Lichtenstein-SS21 VMP249 diet that works for you
Dr. Lichtenstein-SS21 VMP249 study perspective
Dr. Lloyd-Jones-SS21 VMP263 important study
Dr. Lloyd-Jones-SS21 VMP263 metabolic syndrome
Dr. Lloyd-Jones-SS21 VMP263 post-injury stress-lifestyle
Dr. Lloyd-Jones-SS21 VMP263 targeted interventions
Dr. Musunuru-SS21 236 dilated cardiomyopathy defined
Dr. Musunuru-SS21 236 disease prediction-prevention
Dr. Musunuru-SS21 236 genomes identifying future risk
Dr. Musunuru-SS21 236 new genomes found
Dr. Musunuru-SS21 236 study perspective
Dr. Ndumele-SS21 289 clinician takeaways
Dr. Ndumele-SS21 289 dangers of visceral adipose tissue
Dr. Ndumele-SS21 289 study perspective
Dr. Ndumele-SS21 289 trends in obesity
Dr. Ndumele-SS21 289 weight stigma challenges
Dr. Sasson-SS21 Sa3094 additional stressors
Dr. Sasson-SS21 Sa3094 long term concerns
Dr. Sasson-SS21 Sa3094 Lowering CVD risk in firefighters
Dr. Sasson-SS21 Sa3094 potential next steps
Dr. Sasson-SS21 Sa3094 silent killer
Dr. Sasson-SS21 Sa3094 study perspective
Dr. Yancy-SS21 RF40 3 areas in need of change
Dr. Yancy-SS21 RF40 alarming data on obesity
Dr. Yancy-SS21 RF40 challenges and takeaways
Dr. Yancy-SS21 RF40 gaps in reducing burden
Dr. Yancy-SS21 RF40 health disparities food desserts
Dr. Yancy-SS21 RF40 increased burden of risk and CVD
Dr. Yancy-SS21 RF40 needs for health equity
Dr. Yancy-SS21 RF40 next steps
Dr. Yancy-SS21 RF40 perspective and limitations
Healthy eating linked to better heart structure and function among Latino adults
LBS Briefing 1 Bancovic-AVATAR
LBS Briefing 1 Gammie-CTR-MVS
LBS Briefing 1 So-RAPID CABG
LBS Briefing 1-HE-Village BPmp4
LBS Briefing 2-Lubitz-Fitbit Heart
LBS Briefing 2-Marcus-CRAVE
LBS Briefing 2-Voors-EMPULSE
LBS Briefing 3-Caramelli-GIRAF-AF
LBS Briefing 3-Marcus-I-STOP-AF
LBS Briefing 3-Perin-DREAM-HF
LBS Briefing 3-Spertus-CHIEF-HF
LBS Briefing 4-Armitage-ASCEND
LBS Briefing 4-Diaz-PREPARE IT 2
LBS Briefing 4-Johns-Oral PCSK9
Reduced air pollution in U.S. during pandemic shutdown linked to fewer heart attacks
Vegetable fat may decrease stroke risk while animal fat increases it
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