DALLAS, June 16, 2020 — Voices for Healthy Kids, an initiative of the American Heart Association — the world’s leading voluntary organization dedicated to a world of longer, healthier lives — announced that 22 nonprofit organizations have been awarded COVID-19 Rapid Response Grants to support the needs of families in response to the pandemic . These investments will focus on community lead systems and policy solutions so families in greatest need can have better access to health care, healthy food and income support.

“The impact of COVID-19 on under-resourced communities is made exponentially worse by the prevalence of pre-existing medical conditions like cardiovascular disease, as well as  the lack of access to healthy foods, health care, jobs, education and housing,” said Nancy Brown, CEO of the American Heart Association. “These conditions have deepened the inequitable human toll of this pandemic. We must continue to be relentless in advocating for policies that address these gaps in health care, healthy foods, education and other basic family needs.”

Grantee Overview

  • 22 grants funded out of 200 applications requesting a total of more than $10 million
  • Funded campaigns in 19 states, Puerto Rico and the Lummi Nation, based in Washington state
  • Grantees support work at the state, tribal and local level to change policies so the most under-resourced can systemically gain better gain access to health care, healthy food, and economic security  

“These grantees  are deeply rooted in their communities, and we are honored to support their crucial policy work that will have impact and benefit that will far outlast this pandemic,” said Lori Fresina, vice president and executive director of Voices for Healthy Kids at the American Heart Association. “Organizations like these are vital for improving health in their communities and we encourage others to similarly support their efforts.”

The Voices for Healthy Kids COVID-19 Rapid Response Grants range from $20,000 to $50,000 and will support work focused on improving access to healthy food, increasing access to health care and addressing income needs during and beyond the pandemic.

For more information, including details on funded grantees, visit: https://voicesforhealthykids.org/campaign-resources/grants.

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