DALLAS, May 5, 2016 – American Heart Association CEO Nancy Brown issued the following comments today regarding Nestlé’s commitment to lowering sodium in their products:

“Momentum is building for the release of Food and Drug Administration (FDA) voluntary sodium standards as more and more food companies are committing to reduce sodium in their products. That’s why the American Heart Association commends Nestlé for continuing to make sodium reduction a priority in their food and beverages.

The American Heart Association urges leaders across the food supply chain to commit to reducing sodium in their products to help people live healthier lives, free of cardiovascular diseases and stroke. Nestlé’s latest reduction commitment offers consumers healthier choices. Americans deserve the right to choose how much sodium they eat and not have it already determined for them in less-than-healthy levels in many pre-packaged food and restaurant meals.

By urging the FDA to release voluntary sodium standards, Nestle is paving the way to empower the public to make better food choices. The American Heart Association joins industry leaders like Nestlé and Mars Foods in supporting the release of these standards because they have the potential to impact lives. About 1 in 10 cardiovascular deaths have been estimated to be attributed to sodium intake of greater than 2,000 milligrams per day. This is a level exceeded by 99.2 percent of the world’s adults, on average. In the U.S. alone, almost 57,600 annual cardiovascular deaths are attributed to sodium intake at this level."


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