DALLAS, January 15, 2020 — The American Heart Association, the world’s leading voluntary organization focused on heart and brain health, issued the following statement in response to the tobacco-control plan issued today by Michael Bloomberg’s presidential campaign:

“With more than 6 million youth using e-cigarettes or other addictive tobacco products, this public health crisis requires urgent attention at the highest levels of government. The plan issued today by Michael Bloomberg’s campaign serves to recognize the critical need to address the growing national epidemic of youth tobacco use and nicotine addiction. We welcome efforts from all presidential candidates to inform voters about their plans for addressing youth tobacco use.

“Mayor Bloomberg’s plan contains strong, evidence-based provisions we have long urged Congress and the Administration to adopt, including a ban on e-cigarette flavors and all menthol-flavored tobacco products, coverage of tobacco cessation counseling and medications with no copay or limit on duration of treatment and a substantial increase in the federal tobacco tax. We continue to work at all levels of government to save and improve lives by reducing all forms of tobacco use.”

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