WASHINGTON, D.C., Aug. 2, 2017 — 14 nonpartisan patient and provider groups representing millions of Americans issued the following statement today regarding the recent consideration of health care reform proposals by the Senate:

"The legislative proposals put forward by the Senate for consideration last week would have jeopardized care for millions of patients across America. While our organizations did not support these measures, we recognize that Congress must move quickly to improve and strengthen the nation’s health care system.

Bipartisanship is the only feasible path forward. Action is needed by Congress to provide cost-sharing reduction payments to protect low-income individuals and stabilize the marketplace. Simultaneously, it’s critical that Congress address the affordability of health care in this country. Collaboration and compromise are essential parts of the process. Our organizations stand ready to work with lawmakers to find ways to make sure our current health care system provides quality and affordable health care that supports the well-being of all Americans."