New Rule on Healthcare Insurance Summaries a Victory for Consumers, Says American Heart Association CEO Nancy Brown

February 10, 2012 Categories: Advocacy News
Washington, D.C., American Heart Association CEO Nancy Brown issued the following comments on the Summary of Benefits and Coverage final rule, released by the Obama administration: 
“Information is indispensable when choosing health insurance. Under the new rule on benefits and coverage summaries, 150 million patients and consumers with private insurance coverage will now have the clear and concise facts they need to make that choice. A 2009 American Heart Association survey of people with cardiovascular disease found that four out of 10 patients found it difficult to figure out which cardiovascular treatments and care were covered by their insurance.
The American Heart Association applauds the administration for this new rule, and we are very pleased that it will go into effect this September. The sooner consumers have information that is transparent, easy to decipher and readily comparable, the better equipped they will be to make informed decisions about which healthcare plan is right for them.
Under the new rule, “coverage examples” will give the public a new tool to examine how insurance plans will perform in real-life scenarios, and help make sense of different insurance options. While the final rule requires only two coverage examples initially — for the birth of a baby and type 2 diabetes (a major risk factor for cardiovascular disease) — the HHS secretary can add up to four additional examples in the future. Moving forward, the association will push for the inclusion of conditions relevant to heart disease, stroke and other forms of cardiovascular disease that affect more than 82 million Americans.”


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