ATLANTA, GA, March 22 ,2023 — Over the past 40 years local elementary, middle, and high school students in Cobb County participated in the American Heart Association’s Kids Heart Challenge™ and American Heart Challenge™ school-based program aimed at improving mental and physical health in students. In addition to the program instruction, students raise funds to support the mission of the American Heart Association, a global force for healthier lives for all. Cobb County school district is now recognized as the No. 1 district in the nation to raise over $700,000.

“We are incredibly proud of our students, teachers, staff members, and parents for coming together to support an organization that is dedicated to saving and improving lives in our community,” said Cobb County Schools Superintendent Chris Ragsdale.  “The American Heart Association brings insurmountable value both inside and outside of the classroom, and we look forward to seeing the lasting impact our efforts will make on the health of Cobb County.”

Funds raised by Kids Heart Challenge and American Heart Challenge participants support the American Heart Association’s scientific research and outreach programs, paving the way for improved health outcomes for healthier communities. In Cobb County and all of metro Atlanta, the American Heart Association is specifically focused on addressing high blood pressure, CPR education, nutrition security, tobacco and the youth vaping crisis.

“We know instilling healthy habits at a young age can inspire our students to become healthier adults,” said Carissa Smith, Cobb County Schools physical education teacher. “One day, we hope to live in a world free of cardiovascular disease. Removing barriers to better health and putting resources into the hands of our students is just one way we can do this.”  

Kids Heart Challenge offers a variety of physical activities to get elementary students’ hearts pumping such as dance, basketball or jumping rope paired with digital missions to learn life-saving skills like Hands-Only CPR™.

The American Heart Challenge is a service-learning program for middle and high school students. The program also helps boost heart health and self-esteem, while reducing stress and anxiety through programs featuring dance and obstacle courses. Both programs’ curriculums help prepare kids for success by supporting physical and emotional well-being, while offering new learning resources and physical activities to meet the needs of today’s youth and educators.

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