AUSTIN, April 29, 2024 — Teaching students CPR can save hundreds of lives by filling our community with more bystanders ready to give the immediate help needed to survive until first responders arrive.

Three Round Rock ISD schools, Chisholm Trail Middle School, Grisham Middle School and Hopewell Middle School received CPR Anytime Kits to increase awareness and familiarity with this lifesaving skill. Nearly 3000 students will be able to join the Nation of Lifesavers through the kits thanks to support Texas Children’s Hospital which recently opened in North Austin.

“The importance of cardiac safety cannot be overstated, especially in environments where students and staff spend a significant portion of their time,” said Linda Hughes, nurse at Chisholm Trail Middle School. “By equipping our middle school students with the life-saving knowledge of CPR, we empower them to respond confidently and effectively in emergency situations. We are so thankful for this amazing gift presented by AHA and Texas Children's Hospital.”

The kits enhance existing legislation passed in 2013 that requires that students practice Hands-Only CPR training prior to graduation. This initiative exposes students to the lifesaving technique even earlier. Kids as young as nine can successfully perform Hands-Only CPR in the case of an emergency.

"While public school students in Texas are required to receive instruction in hands-only CPR and AED use before graduation, this requirement is not funded at the state level,” said Alec Puente, government relations director at the American Heart Association. “It's important that state policymakers ensure that every school district has the resources they need to deliver high-quality training to their students, so they are ready to step in and save a life." 

Additionally, Austin Sunshine Camps who serve youth living near or below the poverty line, will receive a CPR Anytime Kit along with an AED to increase preparedness in the case of a cardiac emergency.

"As a summer camp, the health and wellbeing of our campers and staff members is our first priority. Having First Aid/CPR/AED certified staff members as well as quality, reliable AEDs are critical pieces in keeping our campers and staff members healthy and safe throughout the summer,” said Jacob Summer, senior program director at Austin Sunshine Camps. “The CPR training materials and AED generously being provided by the American Heart Association and Texas Children's Hospital will give us the necessary tools to continue ensuring that our staff members are being trained with quality materials for years to come and will help us to ensure the safety of the over 500 campers that we serve each summer."

Only one in ten people who experience a cardiac event outside of the hospital survive, largely due to the lack of bystander intervention. Hands-only CPR requires no special certification and is two simple steps: Call 911; Press hard and fast on the chest.

‘The Healthy Cougs group embodies our commitment to holistic student care and the promotion of healthy living. Through activities like CPR certification and hosting blood drives, we not only educate students about health-related careers but also instill a sense of responsibility and compassion for the well-being of others," said Hughes.


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