AUGUSTA, Maine, April 12, 2024 — Health groups released a statement Friday calling on the Maine House of Representatives to hold a vote on LD 1215, “An Act to End the Sale of Flavored Tobacco Products,” before the legislative session ends.

Tobacco use among Maine youth is higher than the national average. According to the 2023 Maine Integrated Youth Health Survey, nearly 1 in 5 Maine high schoolers are currently using a tobacco product, and 97% of youth who vaped in the past 30 days used a flavored product. 

The American Heart Association, The American Lung Association, and The Maine Public Health Association, released the following statement: 

“For decades, we’ve advocated for evidence-based policies to prevent youth tobacco use and help people currently using tobacco products/experiencing nicotine addiction quit. Ending the sale of menthol cigarettes and all other flavored products, which attract and hook kids, is one of the most effective steps our lawmakers can take to give Maine’s young people a future free from tobacco addiction and harm. 

“This legislation protects Maine kids from the dangerous addiction to nicotine pushed on them from the tobacco industry through a variety of products and thousands of kid-centric flavors like gummy bear and atomic fireball. While many of our communities have acted, it is critical that our lawmakers pass comprehensive, statewide legislation to prevent a new generation of youth from becoming addicted to nicotine because of access to flavors.

“More than 60% of Maine voters support this policy and thousands of Mainers have sent postcards to their legislators urging them to pass LD 1215. Stakeholders from addiction medicine specialists to business owners have highlighted how flavored tobacco harms their communities. The Maine Senate stood up for Maine kids when they brought this bill to the floor last year and voted to protect Maine kids.  We expect the House of Representatives to do the same thing before session adjourns next week.”


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