AHA's 10 Day Kid's Heart Challenge
Brandon Lewis on COVID-19 disparities
Brandon Lewis-diabetes and CVD risk
Brandon Lewis-following doctor's orders
Brandon Lewis-managing diabetes during pandemic
Brandon Lewis-monitor risk factors with tech
Brandon Lewis-our health journeys
Brandon Lewis-reach out-support others
Covid-19-Q-A with stroke expert, Dr. Mitchell Elkind
Dr. I. Benjamin-COVID-19 equal opportunity virus
Dr. I. Benjamin-COVID-19 public health playbook
Dr. I. Benjamin-COVID-19 tilts balance in communities
Dr. I. Benjamin-COVID-19 underscores disparities
Dr. I. Benjamin-disparities-learning from COVID-19
Dr. I. Benjamin-systematic strategies needed
Dr. Kurz on CV risk - COVID-19 front lines
Dr. Kurz-urgent resource needed is vent expertise
Dr. Kurz-what he's seeing-re COVID-19
Dr. McGuire family-healthcare team
Dr. McGuire on recovery challenges
Dr. McGuire post stroke caregiving
Dr. McGuire recovery success
Dr. Piña on COVID-19 - patient advice
Dr. Piña on COVID-19 and disparities
Dr. Piña on COVID-19-HF patients
Dr. Piña on COVID-19-message to women
Dr. Piña on COVID-19-sheltering opportunity
Dr. R. Benjamin-cardiac issues in COVID-19 pts
Dr. R. Benjamin-COVID-19 in rural areas
Dr. R. Benjamin-health disparities lessons learned
Dr. R. Benjamin-protecting and saving lives
Dr. Regina Benjamin on access to care
Dr. Regina Benjamin on telemedicine
Dr. Sanchez on CVD risk factors-COVID-19
Dr. Sanchez on message to public and diabetes patients
Dr. Sanchez on protect yourself-others from COVID-19
Dr. Sasson on calling 9-1-1
Dr. Sasson on the front lines - patient risk factors
Dr. Sasson on urgent need for ventilator training
Dr. Sasson-treating COVID-19-things not seen before
Drs. Jessup-Sanchez COVID-19 and thrombosis
Drs. Sanchez-Jessup on COVID-19 vs flu and meds
Experts on COVID-19-opening statements
Experts Q and A on COVID-19 part 1
Experts Q and A on COVID-19 part 3
Experts Q and A on COVID-19part 2
Experts Q and A on COVID-19part 4
Mariell Jessup, M.D. on AHA response to COVID-19
Mariell Jessup, M.D. on COVID-19 patient symptoms
Sandeep R. Das M.D. MPH MBA FAHA
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