AHA Video: How COVID-19 impacts the whole body
AHA's 10 Day Kid's Heart Challenge
Brandon Lewis on COVID-19 disparities
Brandon Lewis-diabetes and CVD risk
Brandon Lewis-following doctor's orders
Brandon Lewis-managing diabetes during pandemic
Brandon Lewis-monitor risk factors with tech
Brandon Lewis-our health journeys
Brandon Lewis-reach out-support others
Covid-19-Q-A with stroke expert, Dr. Mitchell Elkind
Don't Die of Doubt 30 second video
Don't Die of Doubt subtitled 30 sec video
Donna Arnett Ph.D. Best Friend Fridays
Donna Arnett Ph.D. COVID-19-pet adoption
Donna Arnett Ph.D. newly adopted puppy
Donna Arnett Ph.D. pets help mental health-hearts
Donna Arnett Ph.D. pets-BP-stress
Dr. Albert comments on her concern for pregnant women and young black adults low vaccination rates
Dr. Albert on higher risk for COVID-19 complications in those with CVD or CVD risk factors
Dr. Albert on how people with CVD should continue to protect themselves from COVID-19
Dr. Albert on misinformation surrounding COVID-19
Dr. Albert on trends in her research on disparities and COVID-19
Dr. Albert's message to pregnant women and those wanting to become pregnant
Dr. Bui on kids activity-COVID-NFL Play 60
Dr. Elkind call 911-FAST-COVID-19
Dr. Elkind on BP and heart disease
Dr. Elkind on how COVID-19 impacts body
Dr. Elkind stroke incidence-COVID-19
Dr. Elkind-blood clots-COVID-19
Dr. Elkind-patients with CVD risks-COVID-19
Dr. Elkind-social connection-COVID-19
Dr. Elkind-telemedicine-COVID-19
Dr. Harrington - Consumers Maintain Heart Health at Home
Dr. Harrington on Digital Health
Dr. Harrington on COVID-19 Registry
Dr. Harrington on What to Do - Symptoms of COVID-19
Dr. Harrington to CVD Patients - Don't Stop Taking Meds
Dr. Harrington-Fewer Seeking ER Care for heart attack and stroke
Dr. I. Benjamin-COVID-19 equal opportunity virus
Dr. I. Benjamin-COVID-19 public health playbook
Dr. I. Benjamin-COVID-19 tilts balance in communities
Dr. I. Benjamin-COVID-19 underscores disparities
Dr. I. Benjamin-disparities-learning from COVID-19
Dr. I. Benjamin-systematic strategies needed
Dr. Kurz on CV risk - COVID-19 front lines
Dr. Kurz-urgent resource needed is vent expertise
Dr. Kurz-what he's seeing-re COVID-19
Dr. Lloyd-Jones on blood clots-COVID vaccines
Dr. Lloyd-Jones on check-up after COVID
Dr. Lloyd-Jones on COVID pandemic impact study
Dr. Lloyd-Jones on COVID vaccine and kids
Dr. Lloyd-Jones on COVID vaccine importance
Dr. Lloyd-Jones on COVID vaccines-complications
Dr. Lloyd-Jones on Delta variant
Dr. Lloyd-Jones on getting COVID vaccine
Dr. Lloyd-Jones on visiting your Doctor
Dr. Lloyd-Jones study overview on vaccine related myocarditis
Dr. Lloyd-Jones tips for doctor's visit
Dr. McGuire family-healthcare team
Dr. McGuire on recovery challenges
Dr. McGuire post stroke caregiving
Dr. McGuire recovery success
Dr. Mitnaul on AHA tips for families
Dr. Mitnaul on info for parents
Dr. Mitnaul on kids anxiety-back to school
Dr. Mitnaul on kids physical-mental health
Dr. Mitnaul on mental health
Dr. Piña on COVID-19 - patient advice
Dr. Piña on COVID-19 and disparities
Dr. Piña on COVID-19-HF patients
Dr. Piña on COVID-19-message to women
Dr. Piña on COVID-19-sheltering opportunity
Dr. R. Benjamin-cardiac issues in COVID-19 pts
Dr. R. Benjamin-COVID-19 in rural areas
Dr. R. Benjamin-health disparities lessons learned
Dr. R. Benjamin-protecting and saving lives
Dr. Regina Benjamin on access to care
Dr. Regina Benjamin on telemedicine
Dr. Sanchez on CVD risk factors-COVID-19
Dr. Sanchez on message to public and diabetes patients
Dr. Sanchez on protect yourself-others from COVID-19
Dr. Sasson on calling 9-1-1
Dr. Sasson on the front lines - patient risk factors
Dr. Sasson on urgent need for ventilator training
Dr. Sasson-treating COVID-19-things not seen before
Drs. Jessup-Sanchez COVID-19 and thrombosis
Drs. Sanchez-Jessup on COVID-19 vs flu and meds
Experts on COVID-19-opening statements
Experts Q and A on COVID-19 part 1
Experts Q and A on COVID-19 part 3
Experts Q and A on COVID-19part 2
Experts Q and A on COVID-19part 4
In the Know COVID-19 health beat - rural areas
In the Know COVID-19 vaccine health beat - disparities
Mariell Jessup, M.D. on AHA response to COVID-19
Mariell Jessup, M.D. on COVID-19 patient symptoms
Sandeep R. Das M.D. MPH MBA FAHA
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