DALLAS, March 7, 2019A California physician-scientist with expertise in cardiovascular genetics and multimodal imaging has been recognized with a $10,000 cash award from the American Heart Association, the world’s leading health and wellness organization focused on heart and brain health, and Amazon Web Services through their collaboration in data mining research powered by innovative cloud technology.

Rima Arnaout, M.D., from the University of California, San Francisco, received the award for progress in her cloud-based technology research work in automating echocardiogram images to rapidly and accurately analyze the heart’s function. This could ultimately make it faster to diagnosis various cardiovascular conditions.

Arnaout, an assistant professor in medicine (cardiology) and a member of the UCSF Institute for Computational Health Sciences, has a background in genetics, clinical research and programming, and is a practicing cardiologist board-certified in multi-modality cardiovascular imaging.

She is the latest researcher to receive the award given as a cash incentive from the American Heart Association and Amazon Web Services through the Association’s Institute for Precision Cardiovascular Medicine – dedicated exclusively to advancing precision medicine in cardiovascular research.

“These specialized grants are designed to accelerate cardiovascular research at the intersection of science and technology using big data to fast-track precision treatments for cardiovascular disease,” said Jennifer Hall, Ph.D., Chief of the Institute for Precision Cardiovascular Medicine. “The Institute is encouraging researchers like Dr. Arnaout to push scientific discovery and demonstrate the power of data science. We hope others will be inspired by Rima’s work.”

Leveraging machine learning technology, American Heart Association/Amazon Web Services grant recipients are transforming a one-size-fits-all healthcare to improve health outcomes. Innovative cloud technology can potentially give physicians and cardiologists precision health tools to provide enhanced prevention and treatment solutions.

All grant awardees use Amazon Web Services computational cloud credits to leverage the power of cloud computing, open data and new artificial intelligence and machine learning tools available through the American Heart Association Precision Medicine Platform™.

The American Heart Association Precision Medicine Platform, powered by Amazon Web Services cloud technology, is becoming a central hub to the cardiovascular and stroke research community to access vast and diverse datasets to accelerate scientific discovery.


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