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U.S. freelance writers who qualify for embargoed access to news materials of the American Heart Association (the Association) may apply for a limited number of travel stipends to attend one of four (4) select Association scientific conferences.



  • Applicant must provide three (3) original bylined news articles/clip links (not article summaries) published by an accredited national or top 25 Nielsen market media outlet within the prior six (6) months covering health/science/medical topics.
  • Applicants may not have attended an American Heart Association scientific conference in person (or via video conference) in the past two (2) years.
  • Priority will be given to applicants who have been journalists for five (5) years or less, and/or those who self-identify as members of traditionally under-resourced communities/racial/ethnic minority groups, and/or groups that are professionally underrepresented in the sciences.
  • Journalists are welcome to apply to attend multiple Association conferences but are only eligible to receive one stipend every year.
  • The Association may award up to five (5) stipends for each meeting listed on the right column.

Each stipend will be $2,500 for travel related expenses such as airfare, ground transportation/parking, on-site meals and hotel accommodations.

The selection decisions of the Association are final.

If selected, journalists are required to attend the meetings for which they are awarded a stipend in person, work from the onsite newsroom (if available) and attend a minimum of two news briefings or media availabilities at the conference (if available).

Selected journalists agree to write a minimum of three (3) stories from meeting content within 10 days of the meeting’s conclusion and provide the American Heart Association clips of those stories within three (3) months.

The American Heart Association will not review or edit the journalists’ stories or retain any rights to or control over the written material. Journalists will remain editorially independent from the Association.